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Today, search engines receive quite a few requests on the topic of document samples and document templates. Users are interested in where to make a bank statement templates download, as well as what a pregnancy document template looks like. Requests about passports and driving licenses templates from different countries and continents are also very popular. Our service is your tool for solving problems related to online documents templates creating and getting the right templates.

Create fake documents online PSD Creator - generate with your data

Our service creates sample documents using templates. Fake documents they can be called because the electronic copy created by our service does not have a real, state-issued counterpart. It is not illegal to produce such PSD documents if they are used for entertainment purposes. For example, they can be used for making films, souvenir products, pranks. The answer to the question of how to make sample documents in our service is simple. Select the type of document, enter the data and in a few seconds you'll get the result.

US passport template - how to upload an image

Now there are a lot of templates in our service that allow you to get electronic sample of a PSD document. Among others, we even have US passport templates that allow you to get electronic copies of documents made with such accuracy that they could be called fake.

What a PNG stamp looks like in a US passport

If you decide to use our service to get PSD samples of documents, you do not need to know Photoshop or other image editing programs. Our service will do everything automatically. And it will be inexpensive. The main thing to remember is that document templates made using samples cannot be used as fake ones. Use only for entertainment purposes, without breaking the law.


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More US state driver license templates

Dear users! We are going to present you the update that you have been waiting for so long. We have added new US state driver's license templates.

Templates for more than 30 states are now available to you. You can order a sample of Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada and other states' driver's license templates from us.

We continue to work on adding driver's license templates for other US states that are not currently listed. Stay tuned for our updates!

Passport templates for Asian and South American countries

We are going to please our users! Some time ago you were able to order passport templates only of European and North American countries but today you have the opportunity to order document templates for Asian and South American countries.

We have just recently begun to expand our service in this direction, so now we only have passport templates available for China and Brazil. Our users most often asked us exactly about these two countries.

Stay tuned for more news and updates! We are working to expand the list of Asian and South American countries, so that you are able to use passport templates and other documents of these countries on our website.


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