Quite often people are interested in obtaining a passport image EU, which for convenience is called a fake passport Europe. It is not a real document, but, despite this, it can be used for absolutely legitimate purposes.

What are the benefits of having a fake ID?

Stands in passport offices. Publications about moving to the EU. Filming movies or music videos. All these, and many other situations are among those when an EU passport is needed, but you cannot use your own, of course, because you do not want to show everyone your personal data. And in this case, creating a so-called fake passport Europe in the form of an image that will not be used for a real ID will be an excellent solution.

Do you need Photoshop skills to edit a template?

It all depends on how you want to get a passport image EU. If you're going to find a template (there are plenty of sites with such templates) and edit it, then you'll need Photoshop skills. But if you want to get an EU passport image through our service, you won't need any skills.

How to create and download a ready-made passport template?

You choose the blank template you want, enter the data and a few seconds later you get the result. Remember! That if you use the created image for informational, cognitive or similar purposes, it will not be considered a fake passport Europe. Never use it for identification purposes.

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