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People who are going to move to Spain and obtain citizenship there, wonder what a real Spanish passport looks like. And in order to get an answer to this question, they look for publications that not only describe the document, but also show a Spain passport template. No one wants to attach a photocopy of his own document. The authors use samples that are called fake Spain passports because they contain made-up data.

How to make a fake passport?

There are two ways to make an electronic Spain passport template for a publication. The first is to make a Spain passport template psd download and then enter your personal data using Photoshop. The second is to use our online generator, in this case you will not need to search anything.


How to Download ID template free

You need to enter a query in a search engine "Spain passport psd download". After that, you will see a lot of links for downloading this image. Later you will also need to edit it. But if you do not want to do the editing - use our service. The prices are so low, that you are practically use the service for free.

Online generator ID PSD template

Our online generator works simply. You choose a Spanish passport template, enter your personal data and wait a few seconds. After that you can download the finished result. Remember! The result of our service is an electronic Spain passport template. And it cannot be used for identity proof. It is intended for familiarization and entertainment purposes.

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